Did you know?
Divestiture is a legitimate business strategy

As the market changes, should you sell, expand your business through partnerships, or acquire new companies or technologies?

  • Evaluate the health of your business
  • Analyze and anticipate trends
  • Determine whether new products could increase revenues and fill manufacturing capacity
  • Identify new market areas for expansion
  • Consider whether to sell all or part of the company
  • Determine whether a strategic acquisition would make the company more successful

We can help you:

  • Determine which strategy would work best for your company
  • Identify market niches and product lines that have good strategic fit
  • Identify companies and technologies that would be good partner or acquisition candidates
  • Make your company attractive to potential buyers or investors
  • Locate and research legitimate buyers
  • Facilitate discussions and help you get best possible price/terms


Through our industry contacts we can gather valuable information, determine receptiveness, and evaluate marketing and manufacturing fit without disclosing your identity. It can be extremely helpful to have an industry professional in the middle when considering an acquisition or divestiture.

Contact us for more information: joe@sakaduskimarketing.com

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