Did you know?
The dental market is becoming tougher for small companies

Q. Why would I need your services?
A. Clients generally use our services because they want to accomplish one or more of the following:

  • Grow a business/find a strategic partner
  • Gain in-depth information about a market segment or technology
  • Acquire a new technology, product, or company
  • Sell a business or technology to an acquiring company
  • Create an effective, workable strategic plan

Q. I know the industry well. Why would I need your help?
A. We have access to information you cannot obtain (or cannot obtain anonymously). We can provide a strategic analysis to help you determine not just whether a company is worth acquiring but whether it would be a good strategic fit for you. We act as an intermediary to assure negotiations are timely, help keep personalities out of the equation, and help you get the best possible terms. We often already know what kinds of products or technologies specific companies are looking for (and know buyers and sellers that are flying below the radar). We may also be able to partner you with other companies in a profitable way without requiring an acquisition or divestiture.

Q: How do I know you will do what you say you will?
A: The dental industry is small. If you ask around you will find people who have worked with us or are familiar with our work. We can also provide references if you wish.

Q. Why should I bring in outsiders when I have employees?
A. An objective observer can often see things that people on the inside don’t see. Outsiders are free from preconceptions, office politics, and vested interests. As dental industry consultants, we also bring a broader view and can provide information that would be difficult or impossible for you to obtain. We know how other companies do things and we have experience with many different kinds of challenges. Using our services allows you to add high-level expertise at a fraction of the cost of permanent employees with comparable backgrounds.


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